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Dutch Spices is joining a new initiative

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Interview with Dutch Spices

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Dutch Spices develops and produces allergen-free herbs, spices, dry blends and total solutions. Our aim is to offer an increasingly wider range of allergen-free product to as many people as possible. According to the philosophy of Dutch Spices, everyone should be able to enjoy tasty and safe food regardless of whether they have food allergies.

In Europe, Dutch Spices is unique in terms of what it does. A modern production site, skilled staff and comprehensive knowledge about allergen-free products and processe, allows Dutch Spices to guarantee that her produced and / or delivered products meet the VITAL 2.0 standard. VITAL is the globally accepted standard for allergen management.

Simply Spices

Since September 2013 Dutch Spices introduced her new consumerbrand Simply Spices in The Netherlands. On the website www.simplyspices.com consumers can choose six herbs, spices or blends. In fact they can fill their own SIXPACK. The six products will be sent in a nice box (SIXPACK) to the consumers address.

Simply Spices has a wide range of tasty products without allergens. Also all products are free from E-numbers, taste enhancers and artificial flavourings. Pure natural taste!
During the national family day of the Dutch Society of Food Allergy (12th of October 2013), Simply Spices presented herself to more than 700 enthousiastic visitors. 

Our key values

Dutch Spices has a modern High-Care production area. That means that this area satisfies the strictest requirements as far as architecture, air treatment, equipment, selection and training of staff, clothing, cleaning and logistics.

The key values by which Dutch Spices identifies itself are safety, knowledge, reliability, commitment and discipline.

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